MSA Mobile Surface Analyser

The MSA is a fast, easy-to-use hand-held unit for measuring surface free energy (SFE) with one click for wettability analysis in quality control.

MSA Mobile Surface Analyser

The MSA is a fast, easy-to-use hand-held unit for measuring surface free energy (SFE) with one click for wettability analysis in quality control.

Manufacturer KRUSS
Product Series KRUSS Drop Shape Analyser
Measurement principle Contact angle and SFE according to Owens-Wendt- Rabel-Kaelble, Wu, Zisman, and Fowkes
Application Surface Tension - Contact Angle
Illuminationhigh power LED, adjustable
Dosing systemLiquid needle, 0.1 μL resolution

Product Overview

The KRUSS MSA Mobile Surface Analyser is a hand held, portable, non-destructive analysis system for studying surface wettability. Automated contact angle measurements and surface free energy (SFE) can be determined for a wide range of aqueous or organic liquids (such as inks, coatings and adhesives) on solid samples to provide insight on wetting behaviour and to evaluate performance in real processes.

Measuring contact angle and SFE with one click
With its very small footprint which includes an integrated quality camera, lighting, and a software-controlled dosing unit this light, hand-held device offers convenient, fast and reliable contact angle measurement.

Samples of any size, such as automobile parts and panels can be assessed even when measuring vertically or overhead or on slightly convex samples – all within a second and without the need to cut them to size. After quickly inserting and filling a cartridge, wetting behavior can be measured by just pressing a button.

The intuitive ADVANCE software for the instrument uses proven scientific methods to calculate the surface free energy. The polarity of the surface determined gives a direct measurement of the effectiveness of pretreatment methods such as plasma treatment.

Innovative Liquid Needle dosing technology dispenses two parallel drops within milliseconds with high volume precision. This simultaneous dosing of two drops eliminates the need to change the test liquid during the measurement, as is the case with conventional dosing techniques. The kinetic energy is kept low in order to prevent unwanted prewetting of areas around the drop, which could impact the result.
Cartridges are capable of dosing 1000 droplets of each liquid and can easily be refilled enabling simple operation.

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Demonstration video


  • Fast, mobile and non-destructive measurements of contact angle and SFE for quality control
  • Analyses samples of any size, vertically, overhead and even convex samples
  • Reveals the polar and disperse parts of the SFE meaning material analyses with the MSA are far superior to the test ink method
  • Cartridges for test liquids can be quickly refilled without having to purchase expensive consumables


  • Non-destructive analysis of inks, coatings or adhesives to evaluate their wetting behavior in real processes
  • Measurement on large workpieces and finished products such as automobile parts
  • Determination of the wettability of solid materials before coating or bonding
  • Quality assurance of cleaning steps as well as pretreatment and coating processes
  • Testing the effectiveness of hydrophobic coatings

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