Malvern Mastersizer 3000

The Malvern Mastersizer 3000 is a compact optical system that uses laser diffraction to measure particle size distribution for both wet and dry dispersions with minimum effort.

Malvern Mastersizer 3000

The Malvern Mastersizer 3000 is a compact optical system that uses laser diffraction to measure particle size distribution for both wet and dry dispersions with minimum effort.

Manufacturer Malvern Panalytical
Product Series Malvern Mastersizer
Measurement principle Laser Diffraction
Application Particle Size
Sample type Dry powders, Suspensions, Colloids, Soils
Particle size range 10nm to 3500µm
Typical measurement time>10sec
AccuracyBetter than 0.6% (for polystyrene latex standard)
Repeatabilitybetter than 0.5% (for polystyrene latex standard)
21 CFR part 11Software fully compliant

Product Overview

The Malvern Mastersizer 3000 is a versatile easy to use particle size analyser. It’s fast and accurate for both wet and dry dispersions including fragile and cohesive dry powders.

The folded optical design creates a compact system that requires very little bench space. The He-Ne 632.8nm laser and a blue solid state light source enables measurements from 10nm to 3500µm. A rapid 10 kHz data acquisition rate and excellent reproducibility allows even highly polydisperse samples to be measured quickly and accurately.

Particle size is measured using the technique of laser diffraction. Samples are dispersed in either a liquid or an air cell. A laser beam passes through the cell and the dispersed particles scatter the light creating a scattering pattern. The optics measure the angles and intensity of the scattered light from which the particle size distribution is calculated using Mie Theory.

The software guides users from method development through to routine measurement. Included is a Data Quality tool that uses extensive applications know-how to provide the essential quality assessment of data. A Report Designer enables users to present all the information they require in a customised format.

The Mastersizer 3000 is made up of an optical bench, one or more sample dispersion units, an optional dispersion imaging accessory and software for instrument control and data processing. The Mastersizer 3000 requires one or more sample dispersion units. To view these select the Accessories: Dispersion Units tab.

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Demonstration video


  • Compact, innovative design
    A completely new optical core design allows for an optimised and compact system to help users get the most from their instrument.
  • Class-leading particle sizing performance
    With a dynamic range spanning 0.01 to 3500µm, the Mastersizer 3000 delivers precise, robust wet and dry particle size measurements tailored to the operator’s application needs.
  • Verifiable accuracy and repeatability
    Particle size measurements can be verified, thereby ensuring that the results are in line with the reproducibility requirements mentioned in standards such as ISO13320:2009 and USP<429>.
  • So easy to use
    The software guides users through every stage of a measurement, from method development to result reporting, reducing training requirements and making particle size measurement fast and routine.


Particle size analysis in the Cement Industry
In a cement laboratory, traditional Blaine measurement can be a time-consuming and prone to operator variability. The Mastersizer 3000 offers highly automated particle size analysis with extremely high reproducibility and repeatability. Complete size distributions can further understanding of how certain size fractions correlate with performance which makes it possible to control and optimise milling and minimise both energy consumption and operating costs.

Measuring the particle size of foods such as dairy, margarine, chocolate, coffee, sugar etc.
Particle size measurement is essential in the development of new products, during manufacture and for final QC. Particle size distribution can affect taste, appearance, texture, processability, functionality and/or the stability of the final product.

Investigating the dispersion of dry powders and APIs
Control of particle size is critical during the formulation and manufacture of pharmaceutical products. Particle size can influence dissolution, solubility, bioavailability and stability. The unique design of the Aero S dry powder disperser avoids particle-to- wall collisions leads to gentle but effective dispersion, extending dry measurement to more fragile powders.

Importance of particle sizing of powder coatings, paint, inks and pigments
Powder coatings are dry powder polymers that contain pigments and are usually applied electrostatically as a free flowing dry powder and then heated to flow into a hard finish.  To produce a consistent coating the powder must be free-flowing and have a controlled particle size distribution which can be measured simply and rapidly by laser diffraction, using a dry dispersion method.

Classify soil texture using laser diffraction particle size analysis
The Mastersizer 3000 can be used in soil analysis to rapidly determine clay, silt and sand fractions to classify soil texture which as a result guides their use and efficient management.

Characterisation of Battery Materials
An important aspect in the design of the battery material is the particle size and particle size distribution of the materials used within the electrodes. Small particle size electrodes increase the rate of electrochemical reactions while large larger particle sizes increase energy storage capacity. Using a mixture of coarse and fine battery materials is one way to meet the requirements for power and storage capacity.


The Mastersizer Auto-Lab








The Mastersizer Auto-Lab is the Auto Sampler option for the Mastersizer 3000. Measuring up to 42 samples you can utilise the same measurement flexibility as the Mastersizer 3000 whilst minimising manual operating time.

Liquid (wet) Dispersion Units

The Hydro SV is a small volume wet sample dispersion unit. It is useful where the amount of sample is very limited, or where there are safety issues associated with the dispersant required.

  • 6ml – 7ml dispersant volume
  • Magnetic stirrer and wash station
  • Sample retained for recovery

The Hydro MV is a medium volume automated wet dispersion unit. Suitable for both aqueous and non-aqueous applications. It is especially useful when sample size is limited and/or dispersant use must be minimized.

  • 120 ml dispersant volume.
  • In-line sonication for rapid agglomerate dispersion.
  • Software control of all measurement functions, including cleaning.

The Hydro LV is a large volume automated wet dispersion unit. It is ideal for measuring larger particles and broad size distributions.

  • 600 ml dispersant volume
  • In-line sonication for rapid agglomerate dispersion
  • Software control of all measurement functions

The Hydro EV is a unique wet sample dispersion unit with a dip-in pump and stirrer for dispersion in standard laboratory beakers. Suitable for a wide variety of dispersant volumes and particle size ranges. Uses 600 mL or 1000 mL beakers.

  • Uses 600 mL or 1000 mL beakers.
  • In-line sonication for rapid agglomerate dispersion.
  • Sample recovered following analysis.
  • Software control of pump / stirrer and sonication.

The Hydro SM is a manual wet sample dispersion unit. Designed for measuring samples in non-aqueous dispersants where solvent usage needs to be minimized. The pump and stirrer are manually controlled.

  • Small sample volume from 50ml -120ml.
  • Variable pump and stirrer with digital readout.
  • Manual fill, drain and cleaning.

Dry Dispersion Units
The Aero S is a dry powder disperser. The modular design ensures reproducible dispersion of the widest range of samples from cohesive powders to fragile materials.

  • Measurement of a range of sample volumes.
  • Enclosed cell minimises user exposure to the sample.
  • Full software control of all measurement functions.
  • Ceramic dispersers available for abrasive materials.

The Aero funnel sample feeder enables bulk samples of up to 15g to be loaded directly into the Aero S dispersion unit. This enables quick and consistent measurements of bulk powders.

    • Simple sample preparation for bulk powder samples
    • Analysis of large sample masses for reproducible measurements
    • Measurement of both free flowing materials such as coffee, as well as cohesive samples such as calcium carbonate.

Chocosizer Kit

The Chocosizer kit optimises the workflow for the particle size measurement of chocolate cocoa and milk solids. It provides all the components required for chocolate QC methods.

  • Develop a simple measurement workflow for QC operations
  • Easily detect oversized particles which impact product perception
  • Track particle size changes during chocolate processing

Performance Verification
Analysts can easily check the performance of the Mastersizer 3000 dispersion units, with a low cost Quality Audit Standard (QAS). This comprises glass spheres polydispersed between 10 and 120 microns, packaged in ‘one-shot’ vials. These standards completely fulfil the recommendations of ISO 13320.

Hydro Insight – Capture images of the dispersion in real time








The Hydro Insight sits alongside the Mastersizer 3000 and is a dynamic imaging accessory providing real time visualisation and analysis of liquid particle dispersions. The images/videos allow an understanding of how stirring, sonication, and surfactants affect the dispersion.

  • Visualise individual particle size and shape to better understand material behaviour and build confidence in product quality.
  • See your dispersion as you develop your laser diffraction methods, for e.g. switching from sieving.
  • Quickly troubleshoot unexpected results that may indicate the presence of contaminants or agglomerates.

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