LUNA Brightfield Cell Counter

Logos Biosystems LUNA is an automated cell counter that is also affordable, fast, accurate and easy to use.

LUNA Brightfield Cell Counter

Logos Biosystems LUNA is an automated cell counter that is also affordable, fast, accurate and easy to use.

Manufacturer Logos Biosystems
Product Series LUNA
Measurement principle Microscopy - Cell image analysis
Application Live cell image analysis
Cell counting time<7 sec
Cell size range3-60μm
Concentration range5x10^4 to 1x10^7 cells/mL

Product Overview

LUNA is an automated, stand-alone cell counter that provides fast and accurate cell count and viability results.

In as little as 7 seconds, high-resolution brightfield images of cells are analysed to provide total, live and dead cell counts  LUNA can accurately measure total cell count for unstained cells and provide cell viability data for cells stained with trypan blue or erythrosin B. Live cells are tagged with green circles and dead cells are tagged with red circles, making it easy to verify the accuracy of each count.

Innovative software can quickly de-cluster and automatically count cell clumps and analyse them as single cells, doublets, or triplets. With the LUNA automated cell counter you can count cells with cell sizes ranging from 3 to 60 μm cell diameter. 

Designed for cost-efficient and accurate cell counting the LUNA automated cell counter is compatible with both reusable and disposable cell counting slides to maintain the highest standard of cell counting accuracy.

The LUNA family of automated counters has been awarded a Platinum seal of quality from SelectScience in recognition of outstanding feedback received from scientists globally – one of just 6 winners since the awards were launched in 2017! 




Get concentration and viability data in as little as 7 seconds, five times faster than other cell counters.

LUNA can precisely and consistently distinguish live and dead cells from debris.

An advanced declustering algorithm detects individual cells in clusters.

Customise and save protocols, verify results immediately onboard, use the dilution calculator, and gate cells on histograms with a few taps on the LUNA touchscreen.

Print data with am external printer or export high-resolution images, data, and full data reports via USB.

Perfect for labs on a budget, the LUNA works with the LUNA Reusable Slide,  delivering the affordability of manual cell counting without the associated time, subjectivity, and user-to-user variability. The disposable LUNA Cell Counting Slides offer accurate cell counting with no mess or cleanup.


LUNA offers accurate, reliable cell counting of live, dead and clustered cells.

Applications include Primary cells (Splenocyte, Thymocyte, PBMC, Monocyte, Lymphocyte, Neuronal cell, Keratinocyte, Epithelial cell, Dendritic cell, etc), Cancer cells, Stem cells, Adipocytes, Sperm cells, Somatic cells in milk, Algae, Yeasts and more.

Cell Lines validated 
On the LUNA Automated cell counter
Cell Type Animal Organ
A375-c5 Human Skin
A431 Human Skin
A549 Monkey Lung
CHO Chinese Hamster Ovary
CHSE Fish Embryo
COLO-205 Human Colon
Cos-7 Human Kidney
DAUDI Human Blood
ESC Mouse Embryo
HEK-293 Human Kidney
HeLa Human Cervix
HepG2 Human Liver
HESC Human Embryo
HL-60 Human Blood
HS578T Human Breast
Jurkat Human Blood
MCF7 Human Breast
MDA-MB-231 Human Breast
MIA PaCa-2 Human Pancreas
MOLT-4 Human Blood
MRC-5 Human Lung
Neuro 2A Mouse Brain
NIH/3T3 Mouse Embryo
NSC Rat Brain
PLC/PRF/5 Human Liver
RKO Human Colon
SUM149PT Human Breast
THP-1 Human Blood
UWB1-289 Human Ovary
U-2 OS Human Bone


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