Fluidity ONE-W

Fluidity ONE-W allows accurate and detailed protein interactions analysis under near-native conditions with an easy-to-use workflow.

Fluidity ONE-W

Fluidity ONE-W allows accurate and detailed protein interactions analysis under near-native conditions with an easy-to-use workflow.

Manufacturer Fluidic Analytics
Product Series Fluidity One
Measurement principle Microfluidic Diffusional Sizing (MDS)
Application Biomolecular Interactions, Nano Particle Size, Protein Conformation, Protein Interactions & Binding Affinity
Size range (hydrodynamic radius)1 - 20 nm
Molecular Weight range1.4 kDa - 14 MDa
Sample requirement5 µL
Sensitivity1nM Alexa Fluor 488

Product Overview

Fluidity One-W provides accurate measurements of protein size and binding interactions in solution, even in complex backgrounds such as cell lysates or blood plasma.

With no sample preparation and no surface or matrices present, Fluidity One-W saves time in purification as well as allows the study of more difficult interactions in their native conditions. The instrument’s unique abilities and high sensitivity enable researchers to study proteins that are traditionally problematic for other systems, including membrane proteins, multiprotein complexes, and intrinsically disordered proteins.

Using proprietary Microfluidic Diffusional Sizing (MDS) technology, which is based on the relationship between size and diffusion rate, the Fluidity One-W can calculate the binding affinity (KD) for protein interactions as well as the hydrodynamic radius (Rh) and Stoichiometry from a single experiment. This unique combination of information can help scientists determine how strongly proteins are binding, how many protein molecules are binding at a time and whether the protein is binding to its target or to something unexpected. MDS is used to determine the binding affinity between proteins and their binding partners; whether they are aptamers, lipids, DNA, small molecules or other proteins.

With its simple yet innovative 3-step system of Pipette-Plug-Play, the Fluidity One-W can be used by anyone in the laboratory, without the need for detailed training or years of experience.




  • In-solution, on target determination of complex formation in a single measurement using microfluidic diffusional sizing (MDS)
  • Low sample requirement of just 5 μL per sample
  • High reproducibility and accuracy even at low concentrations
  • Easy-to-use interface and consumable management
  • Wide dynamic range allows you to determine nM to mM KDs
  • Obtain an automatically calculated KD after a simple titration
  • Disposable single use chips and contained waste minimise risk of cross
    contamination between measurements and reduce cleaning and setup times
  • Sizing of any fluorescently labelled molecule — proteins, lipids, carbohydrates,
    oligonucleotides, polymers or nanoparticles
  • Broad buffer compatibility suitable for use with any biologically compatible
    buffer, even those containing detergents
  • Over the air software updates deliver ongoing system improvements
  • Manufactured under ISO 9001 quality management system


Protein sizing, Quality control, Aggregation, Adhesion and Interactions.

Analyse protein interactions in complex backgrounds

Study protein-protein, protein–DNA and protein-lipid interactions
in biological mixtures such as crude lysates or blood plasma.

Work with challenging proteins

Because there is no surface attachment, it is possible to study
challenging proteins including membrane proteins, multi-protein
complexes, and intrinsically disordered proteins.

Determine stoichiometry and conformational arrangement

Absolute size measurements allows you insight into the
conformation and stoichiometry of proteins and their complexes.

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