DFA​100 Dynamic Foam Analyser

DFA​100 Dynamic Foam Analyser measures the structure and stability of quickly decaying or long lasting foam to help optimise foam forming products or avoid form formation.

DFA​100 Dynamic Foam Analyser

DFA​100 Dynamic Foam Analyser measures the structure and stability of quickly decaying or long lasting foam to help optimise foam forming products or avoid form formation.

Manufacturer KRUSS
Product Series KRUSS Foam Analyser
Measurement principle Tensiometry - Force & Optical
Application Surface Tension - Contact Angle
Illumination LED
Wavelength 469 nm (optional IR: 850 nm); 633 nm FSM model
Stirring speedup to 8000rpm
Approved temp4 to 90 °C

Product Overview

The KRUSS DFA​100 Dynamic Foam Analyser is designed for high performance optical testing of fluid foam structures and stability. It supports the optimisation of of foam forming or foam prevention products, analysing the entire spectrum, from slow to very fast decaying foams. The instrument can also measure foam structure with regards to bubble size and distribution or the liquid content of the foam.

The DFA100 uses optical sensors, either blue LEDs or Infrared light for opaque liquid foam to dynamically measure the quantity of the foam produced. It determines the number, size and size distribution of the bubbles and the decay characteristics over the whole measuring cylinder height.  Simultaneously the quantity of discharge of liquid from the foam (drainage) into the liquid pool is measured by the same senor to provide a more complete understanding of the dominant decay phenomena.

The DFA100 can provide accurately controlled foaming in a variety of ways most commonly by pushing air or CO2 through a glass filter plate or by stirring using a blade in any customisable shape. Foam can also be created externally for subsequent analysis or at high temperature up to 90°C. The measurement chamber can be completely removed for ease of cleaning.

ADVANCE is an intuitive software platform for foam analysis where all measurement parameters are customisable and every measurement can be fully automated. It is easy to use, allows live observation and provides numerous reports to compare measurements across different samples.

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Demonstration video


Dynamic Foam Analyser – DFA100

  • Software-controlled foaming by means of sparging or stirring
  • Investigations of externally produced foams
  • Determination of total, foam and liquid height
  • Foamability parameters including maximum height, foam capacity and foam density
  • Decay parameters including decay start and half life
  • Temperature-controlled measurements up to 90°C 

With Foam Structure Module – FSM

  • Measurement of bubble size distribution and the change in this distribution in different resolution ranges
  • Calculation of mean bubble size and its standard deviation
  • output of a histogram for each individual image in the series of measurements

With Liquid Content Module – LCM

  • Simultaneous measurement of liquid content up to seven levels
  • Maximum liquid content at each each level
  • Half life (time for the liquid content to reduce to one half) at each level


Key applications for the DFA100 include food, drinks, cosmetics and cleaning agent industries, where the tactile properties linked with bubble structure play a role in addition to foam stability.

  • Foams for washing and cleaning
  • Firefighting foams
  • Foams in foods and personal care products
  • Surfactant development
  • Flotation as a method for separating solids (e.g. paper recycling, Enhanced Oil Recovery, EOR)
  • Foam-inhibiting and foam-reducing agents (antifoam/ defoam)
  • Foam prevention for paints and varnishes, process and waste water, and cooling lubricants

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