BPT Mobile bubble pressure tensiometer

BPT Mobile Bubble Pressure Tensiometer provides a one-click check of the surfactant content in baths and monitors surface tension changes while dosing.

BPT Mobile bubble pressure tensiometer

BPT Mobile Bubble Pressure Tensiometer provides a one-click check of the surfactant content in baths and monitors surface tension changes while dosing.

Manufacturer KRUSS
Product Series KRUSS Tensiometer
Measurement principle Dynamic surface tension using the Laplace pressure of a gas bubble at a capillary in a liquid
Application Surface Tension - Contact Angle
Sample type Surfactant, detergent and wetting agents
Temperature range0 to 100 °C
Min. recommended sample volume15 mL
Range (surface tension)10 to 100 mN/m (resolution 0.1 mN/m)

Product Overview

The KRUSS BPT Mobile determines the surfactant content by analysing the dynamic surface tension (SFT) of a liquid. Measurements of the dynamic surface tension can be used to determine the concentration of cleaning or wetting agents in industrial baths. This mobile solution works independently from a computer and provides results within a few seconds, which is a particularly useful for quality control (QC) applications.

The cleaning or wetting effect of an industrial bath is dependent on the concentration of free surfactants, which decreases over time due to the contamination of the bath or adsorption on a surface. The dynamic SFT reacts very sensitively to changes of the surfactant concentration which then allows the BPT Mobile to make bubble pressure measurements that accurately reflect the bath’s quality. The BPT works by measuring the maximum internal pressure of a gas bubble which is formed in a liquid by means of a capillary.

The BPT Mobile works independently using the integrated touch screen which can be recharged via USB and even responds when laboratory gloves are in use. Users are able to quickly take measurements and determine if a value lies within a defined quality range. Automatic graphing outline the surfactant contents’ tendencies over a set amount of time for easy interpretation. Predictions can be made as to when additional dispensing will be required or if the bath will need to be refreshed. The “continuous” mode, makes it possible to monitor the changes in surface tension while dispensing a surfactant.

The BPT Mobile instrument uses low cost, disposable capillaries for air bubble creation during bubble pressure measurements which makes the cleaning more convenient & reduces the chance of contamination in the sample to be analysed.  The temperature for each data point can be documented thanks to a removable temperature sensor. Up to 20 million results can be stored locally and if necessary, the instrument can be connected to a computer, during which time it behaves like a mass storage device, in order to export measurements to Excel with one click.

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Demonstration video


KRUSS BPT Mobile allows users to:

  • Check the surfactant content on site
  • Measure surface tension using the internal pressure of a bubble at an immersed capillary.
  • Continuously measure surface tension while changing the concentration
  • Determine surface tension dependent on surface age between 10 and 30000 ms.


Checking the content of cleaner or wetting agent in a bath is an important QC task in many industrial processes:

  • Cleaning as a preparation step before coating or bonding
  • Electroplating
  • Coating of solar cells
  • Etching, e.g. for circuit boards

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