Attension Theta Lite

The Attension Theta Lite is a compact, cost-effective contact angle meter for simple and precise quality control and basic wettability research.

Attension Theta Lite

The Attension Theta Lite is a compact, cost-effective contact angle meter for simple and precise quality control and basic wettability research.

Manufacturer Attension
Product Series Theta Optical Tensiometer
Measurement principle Tensiometry - Force & Optical
Application Surface Tension - Contact Angle
Sample type Chemicals, pharmaceuticals, electronics, foods, energy, paper and packaging
MeasurementsStatic/ dynamic contact angle, surface/ interfacial tension, surface free energy, 3D surface roughness, interfacial rheology

Product Overview

The Attension Theta Lite is a compact, cost-effective optical tensiometer for simple and precise wettability research. Key surface properties and interactions between gas, liquid and solid phases can characterised in real time. The method of analysis is to capture the images of a drop of the liquid sample as forms at the end of a syringe. The drop changes shape with time and the sequence of images is analysed to determine contact angle and surface tension.

Measurements are made in air or on a surface. In air the drop is formed at the end of a precision syringe and a camera captures its images. When a drop of sample is placed on a solid surface it spreads and forms a profile that depends on the solid’s surface free energy. The camera captures the image of the drop profile and a fitting method is used to determine contact angle and surface tension. Optical tensiometry measurements are used to determine properties such as: wettability, adhesion,adsorption, cleanliness, heterogeneity, spreading, printability, emulsion and foam stability.

The Theta Lite comes fully assembled ready to use with no complicated adjustments needed. It can be configured with a single or double liquid dispenser in either a manual or automatic delivery. The droplet volume is calculated from the live image with a high resolution camera that minimises any optical variation and ensures high repeatability. A range of accessories expand the capabilities and measurements possible, such as the manual tilting stage used for studying dynamic contact angles and temperature controlled chambers for interfacial tension studies.

OneAttension software performs superior drop shape analysis with sub-pixel live results displayed instantly to make analysis super easy.

Measurements include,

  • Static contact angle: Sessile drop, captive bubble and meniscus methods
  • Dynamic contact angle: Dynamic contact angle, advancing and receding contact angle, contact angle, hysteresis and roll-off angle
  • Surface free energy: Sessile drop, captive bubble and meniscus methods
  • Surface- and interfacial tension: Pendant drop and reverse pendant drop methods
  • Roll-off angle
  • Batch contact angle
  • Demonstration video
  • Benefits
  • Applications
  • Accessories

Demonstration video


One instrument for all needs

  • All the measurements are readily included in the software. Thanks to the modular design, all applications can be fulfilled with one instrument and the instrument can be tailored for your needs.
  • Single, double or multi liquid dispenser option for Surface Free Energy analysis.
  • Select ready-made experiments or create custom programs.
  • Automatic base line detection and drop shape fitting.
  • Monochromatic cold LED light source for reduced sample evaporation.
  • Contact angle on curved surfaces, circular and near-circular.
  • The effect of roughness to wettability can be measured with the 3D Topography module (Theta Flex/Flow only).


  • Contact Angle Measurements on Single Fibres
  • Tensiometry in Inkjet Printing Applications
  • Self-Cleaning Coatings
  • Influence of Contact Angles and Surface Free Energies on Biocompatibility of Biomaterials
  • Wettability of Pharmaceutical Powders
  • Dynamic Contact Angles on Super hydrophobic Surfaces
  • Pulsating Drop Technique to Characterize Surfactant Behaviour in Flotation Process
  • Contact Angle Measurement for Surface Treatment Evaluation in Packaging
  • Industry CO2 in Enhanced Oil Recovery
  • Comparison of Theta QC and Dyne Pens for Quality Control Applications
  • Contact Angle Measurements in Solar Cell Industry
  • Contact Angle Measurements for Microfluidic Chips
  • Adhesion to Wood-Plastic Composites
  • Influence of Topography and Wettability on Biocompatibility


  • Fluid bath heated cuvette chamber (100°C) for interfacial tension studies between two liquids by pendant/raising drop method.
  • Thermostatted fluid bath measuring chamber for air phase temperature control (110°C) of substrate and drop.
  • Tilting stage with manual tilting from 0 to 90° used for studying dynamic contact angles. 
  • For more accessories please click here 


Available measurements Theta Flow Theta Flex Theta Lite
Static contact angle and captive bubble
Batch contact angle
Dynamic contact angle
Menisuc contact angle
Surface/interfacial  tension
3D surface roughness and roughness-corrected contact angle
Interfacial rheology
Surface free energy Zisman Plot, OWRK/Extended Fowkes, van Oss Acid-Base, Wu, Neumann’s Eq. of State, Schultz 1 and 2

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