Phenom Pharos desktop SEM with FEG source

28 Nov, 2018 | New products
Phenom Pharos desktop SEM with FEG source

The new Phenom Pharos desktop scanning electron microscope (SEM) is the latest addition to the Phenom Series and is the first desktop SEM solution that includes a field emission gun (FEG).  This easy to operate system integrates both advanced hardware design and an intuitive user interface to provide high-resolution images in less than 25 seconds after inserting the sample. Suitable for a wide range of academic and industrial applications, the Phenom Pharos brings the high-resolution capabilities of a field emission source to a desktop model.

Phenom Pharos Specifications:
Source:  Field Emissions Gun (FEG)
Maximum magnification = 1,000,000 X
Resolution = < 3nm
Acceleration Voltage range = 2kV – 15kV
Imaging detectors:  Backscattered Electron Detector (BSD) + Secondary Electron Detector (SED)
Analysis (optional):  Integrated EDS detector
Vacuum observation modes:  High, Medium & Low vacuum

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