Particle Size Analysers and Their Industry Uses

Particle Size Analysers and Their Industry Uses

For many industries, the ability to determine and analyse the average size of particles in a sample is important and informative. As a result, particle size analysers have a significant role to play. Able to very quickly and efficiently measure the size of grains or particles in a sample, this equipment provides data that is useful to companies and industries alike. Not only can the size of grains or particles be indicated, information about particle shape and formation can also be deduced.

What is a Particle Size Analyser?

A particle size analyser is a specialised piece of equipment that is used to measure the sizes of grains and particles that make up a particular sample. Capable of quickly measuring the sizes of many particles in a sample, particle size analysers can simultaneously provide information about particle size distributions. This information is useful and significant in many industries.

Where does Particle Size Analysis occur?

Particle size analysis is a branch of Particle Science. Analysis of particle size and shape usually takes place in specialised particle technology laboratories.

Why and how is Particle Size Analysis useful in industry?

In many industries, it is important for particle size and shape to be known and understood. These industries include: the chemical, mining, forestry, agriculture and aggregate industries.

Chemical Industry

Knowledge about particle size is useful in the chemical industry as wet and/or dry materials can range in size from nanometres to centimetres and a huge number of sub-industries are affected. Also, in the chemical industry it is widely understood that different methods of particle size analysis can produce different results depending on the method used to determine its measurement. In light of this, it is very important that the method most relevant to its use is used to determine a particle’s size.

Mining Industry

Mining operations involve the processing of particular materials. It is important to have intelligence about particle size and shape as the use of over-sized materials through processing channels is likely to damage equipment and decrease the rate at which production processes operate. Knowing the size of materials means that the appropriate equipment is used and systems can operate with optimum efficiency. When crushing materials, particle size analysis helps to ensure the effectiveness of Semi-Autogenous Grinding Mills.

Agriculture Industry

In agriculture, contamination of products can occur if unwanted materials are not identified. The use of a particle size analyser allows companies to monitor processes and ensure that unwanted materials are detected and isolated.

Forestry Industry

Particle size analysis of wood products is used to ensure that high quality standards are upheld in the forestry industry and that the products produced are of excellent quality. In this context, particle size analysis assists companies to reduce waste and increase productivity.

Aggregate Industry

The use of particle size analysis supports aggregate companies to create robust, durable and long-lasting roads, as well as other products.

An asset in your industry

Particle size analysis is incredibly useful for determining the size and shape of particles. Without this information, the processes used in a number of industries would be inhibited or drastically slowed.

The equipment used to indicate particle size and shape is sophisticated enough to provide this information quickly and accurately, making it an important asset for companies and industries more generally. ATA Scientific offers a range of particle size analysers, so contact us today to find the right one for you.

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