Optimising water treatment coagulants

27 May, 2021 | Newsletters
Optimising water treatment coagulants
Water treatment plant saves USD100k in 1 year by accurately controlling coagulant chemicals  

Webinar: Wed 23 June at 4pm (Sydney time)
Control of the flocculation process and adjustment of coagulant dose is often a challenging step in the water treatment process. Chemicals used can be expensive. Add too much and they can alter your water’s pH; add too little and they don’t do the job of coagulating the flocculation.

Join this webinar to understand how your plant can use Zeta Potential technology in the lab or as a smart online monitoring tool. See how it can be used to understand the effect of the coagulant dose used in pre-treatment processes to enable a floc to form and allow filtration to work efficiently.
Watch this webinar now – Click here  
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