New Attension Theta Flow brings simplicity to demanding surface research

15 Apr, 2021 | New products
New Attension Theta Flow brings simplicity to demanding surface research

Theta Flow from Attension is a premium contact angle meter that integrates a high level of automation to simplify measurements and increase accuracy. With its high-end camera, image enhancement technology and built-in sensors, the Theta Flow tensiometer builds on the Theta Flex – recent recipient of the Red Dot award in 2020 for its neat design and ease of use.   

The new Theta Flow offers three main benefits that are not available on other systems.

  • Camera autofocus, automatic surface mapping and automatically generated results are some of the new automation features that help simplify measurements and improve accuracy.
  • A high resolution 5MP camera combined with DropletPlus technology enable image enhancements. Fully integrated tilt and level sensors help keep track of the surrounding environment and together with temperature and relative humidity sensors ensure traceable and reliable data.
  • The new touch display on the Theta Flow assists users by simplifying the measurement setup. Everything from filling the liquids to changing samples can be done easily from the instrument in seconds.

Defining baselines accurately is a critical aspect of measuring contact angles which requires the droplet in focus and the substrate well exposed. When substrates have large depth or the surface is not uniform the substrate surface is often darkened and the contact area obscured. The Theta Flow’s autofocus function together with the DropletPlus image enhancer algorithm significantly improves the chances of accurate baseline placement, particularly for challenging samples.

These high-end features make the Theta Flow ideal for surface measurements such as, Static contact angle, Dynamic contact angle, Surface free energy, Surface- and interfacial tension, Roughness-corrected contact angle and 3D surface roughness and Interfacial dilatational rheology.

To celebrate the new release, we are offering a 10% discount on all Theta Flow systems for a limited time until the end of September 2021!

Contact us and find out more about this one-time launch offer.