NanoAssemblr IGNITE for rapid development of nanomedicines

21 Nov, 2019 | New products

Conventional nanoparticle manufacturing methods can be sensitive to reaction conditions, difficult to reproduce, highly labour intensive and challenging to scale.

NanoAssemblr Ignite solves these significant issues and allows scientists to create transformative medicines at the bench scale and paves the way for new nanomedicine based gene and cell therapies, small molecule and protein based drugs to treat cancer, rare disease and infectious disease.

NanoAssemblr Ignite designed to make preclinical laboratory-scale nanoparticle production efficient, reproducible and tunable. Validated by over 100 peer reviewed publications, the system is fast, simple and intuitive to operate. Nanomedicines are prepared in less than a minute allowing rapid optimisation of particle properties. Proprietary NanoAssemblr technology takes advantage of the physics of fluids confined to channels about the width of a human hair and containing specially engineered microscopic features that control the conditions of nanoparticle formation. By controlling fluid flow in the microchannels users can reproducibly control particle properties and manufacture high quality drug products through a single mixer across scales. NanoAssemblr Ignite enables rapid benchtop scale development of nanoparticle based RNA, DNA, CRISPR, small molecule and protein therapeutics.  Optimised drug products are predictably scaled to advanced preclinical and clinical scale with the NxGen technology on the NanoAssemblr Blaze and GMP Systems.

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