Live cell transport – First time in Australia

06 Nov, 2020 | Newsletters
Live cell transport – First time in Australia
No Crypreservation + No Toxic Additives = No Sample Loss 
CELLBOX is a new generation of temperature-controlled and CO2 conditioned transport devices challenging existing cell shipment methods.

In routine cell culture transport protocols, it is commonplace to thaw, plate and recover cryopreserved cells which can affect cell viability and may cause genetic modifications. 

CELLBOX provides a simple method of transport for biological samples, gene-therapy products and therapeutic cells under laboratory conditions. Cells travel in a regulated CO2 environment at 37°C and can be monitored via the CELLBOX App.

Cells arrive ready-to-use, so you can simply unpack and grow!

The Rise of Live Cell Shipment
Listen to founder Prof. Kathrin Adlkofer and Arthur Goudena, from PHCbi talk about the opportunities and challenges in Live Cell Shipment.
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The Challenges of Building & Transporting Organoids
Listen to founder Prof. Kathrin Adlkofer and Dr. Patrick Kugelmeier from Kugelmeiers Ltd., about the challenges of Building & Transporting Organoids.
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The Challenge of Cultivating and Transporting Fragile Cells & Tissues
Listen to founder Prof. Kathrin Adlkofer in discussion with Dr. Johana Kuncová-Kallio and Dr. Lauri Pasonnen from UPM Biomedicals.
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The Importance of Logistics for Organ on A Chip
Listen to founder Prof. Kathrin Adlkofer & Dr Reyk Horland from TissUse GmbH discuss Organ on a Chip as a promising alternative to animal trials and laboratory cultures. 
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Transporting iPSC derived Cardiomyocytes using CELLBOX
This report investigates the treatment of heart failure using cardiomyocyte patches induced from stem cell cultures. The CELLBOX Flight CDI portable CO2 incubator provided a regulated environment for the safe transport of these cells.
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