Join us for a series of surface science webinars

18 May, 2020 | Newsletters
Join us for a series of surface science webinars

Quartz Crystal Microbalance with Dissipation monitoring (QCM-D) enables real-time, label free measurements of molecular adsorption and/or interactions on various surfaces. This webinar will go through the fundamentals of the technology, explained by analogy with musical instruments as well as mathematical expressions. We will also examine possibilities and limitations of the technique. 


In this session we will go through the basics of Dfind with two live demo examples and walk you through the software to illustrate the easy-to-use workflow. From data preparation and analysis to final reporting DFind overcomes cumbersome data preparation and time-consuming analysis. To continue this discussion, CLICK HERE to join a follow-up Q&A Webinar on 12 May!   

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Prof. Nam-Joon Cho, Nanyang Technological University, has developed a new method to form lipid bilayers on solid supports. Instead of lipid vesicles fusing on a set of materials such as silica, the new Solvent – Assisted Lipid Bilayer (SALB) method, enables bilayer deposition on to a broad range of surface materials.

Characterise lipid based systems  
Lipid-based systems are widely used in various fields of research, for example, in the design and development of biosensor platforms, biomaterial coatings and drug delivery applications. In this overview, we present examples of how these lipid-based systems can be characterised using QSense QCM-D technology.  

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QCM-D is a powerful tool for understanding protein adsorption onto glass and plastic surfaces,(eg syringes & container systems), to minimise protein loss during protein production.

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QCM-D is shown to be a valuable tool in monitoring aggregation of proteins and antibodies onto different surfaces used in production or manufacturing in the pharmaceutical industry. 
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Encouragement Award – March 2020 winners announced
The ATA Scientific Encouragement Award aims to provide young scientists with financial assistance to further their education and attend scientific meetings and conferences.
Congratulations to all our winners. To find out who won, please click the link below.   Read about our winners