Hydro Insight combines laser diffraction and imaging

08 Jul, 2021 | New products
Hydro Insight combines laser diffraction and imaging

The new Hydro Insight, is a dynamic imaging accessory for the Mastersizer 3000 particle sizing instrument. It enables real-time particle imaging to help users to integrate particle size with particle shape analysis for more in-depth studies of material quality and behaviour.

Combining laser diffraction and imaging helps to accelerate the development of new methods, e.g switching from sieving to laser diffraction, and makes it easier to troubleshoot unexpected particle size results, ultimately improving the quality and performance of products.

How does it work?

Particles dispersed by the Mastersizer 3000’s wet accessories flow through the Hydro Insight, and are then photographed by a high-resolution digital camera at up to 127 frames per second. The camera takes images of the suspended particles in the analysis cell, converts them to a digital format, and sends the information to the software for final analysis in real time. Individual particle images are viewed directly and captured as image files for post-run processing. Contact us for more information or a quote today!