How to Develop RNA Vaccines from Concept to Clinic

17 Jan, 2022 | Newsletters
How to Develop RNA Vaccines from Concept to Clinic
Recorded sessions now available for viewing: Vaccines from Concept to Clinic
Explore the experiences and insights from the front lines of RNA vaccine research. Particularly, stories highlighting the challenges and solutions faced when developing RNA vaccines from the earliest stages through to the clinic.   


The Vaccine Evolution
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Accelerate the Preclinical Development of RNA Vaccines
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Ehrlichia mRNA Vaccines: Overcoming the Vaccine Development Roadblock
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RNA Manufacturing: Considerations to Accelerate the Path to Clinic
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Scale Up and Manufacturing of Self-Amplifying RNA-LNPs for a COVID-19 vaccine
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Flexible Approaches to Addressing mRNA Vaccine Demand
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Bookings are available now. Should you wish to use this instrument or need further information regarding training or help to create lipid, polymer or hybrid nanoparticle formulations carrying small molecules, peptides nucleic acids (and more), please contact Peter Davis,, or call Peter directly on his mobile 0417 778 971.  

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Rapid, reproducible and scalable manufacture of nanoparticle formulations 
Finely tune particle size with precise control over fluid flow rates using laminar flow conditions
Create highly reproducible mRNA LNPs with high mRNA encapsulation efficacy and potency within seconds.  Simplify and accelerate nanomedicine formulation using one single mixing element — from formulation to full GMP   Precision NanoSystems’ Genetic Vaccine Toolkit provides essential technologies to facilitate development of mRNA vaccines – Click here.
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