Expand your capabilities with reliable particle size analysis

26 Nov, 2021 | Newsletters
Expand your capabilities with reliable particle size analysis
The COVID-19 pandemic has posed significant challenges for supply chains globally. So, it is with some reassurance that some things remain consistent, such as the use of laser diffraction to measure particle size distribution to control quality of powders and suspensions. 

Mastersizer leads the market for reliable particle size analysis for industries like cement manufacture, food formulation, and pharmaceutical development. So why is the Mastersizer 3000 so readily trusted by so many people? And what makes laser diffraction particle size analysis the centerpiece of thousands of laboratories across the world? Join leading experts to discover why people choose Malvern Mastersizer for their particle analysis needs.

This webinar series returns to the fundamentals of laser diffraction and will help you get a firm hold on best practice, method development and applications. Register below to watch live or receive a link to the recording.   The art and practice of method transfer

Mastersizer 2000 reaches the end of its supported life in April 2022. If you are a user, you need to act now to plan your upgrade and safeguard your method transfer activities. This is a great opportunity to verify approved methods for Mastersizer 2000 and plan its transfer to the Mastersizer 3000. 

Best practice for the development of particle size analysis methods
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Investigate the process of optimising both wet and dry dispersion methods and validating these methods, or alternatively ensuring that methods are successfully transferred between instruments, platforms or locations.   
Back to basics: Particle size analysis for pharmaceutical development and manufacture
Learn how particle size analysis is applied in the pharma industry; Understand the regulatory guidance relating to particle size analysis; Understand how specifications may be set for particle size analysis
Everything pharmaceutical scientists need to know about solid form characterisation 
This three-part webinar series, uses real-life case studies to show the analytical techniques that make active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) candidate selection process more productive.
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