RACI NSW Pharmaceutical Sciences Group Webinar – mRNA vaccine development

February 24, 2021  @ 9.30am – 11am

NSW Pharm Group in collaboration with ATA Scientific recently hosted the webinar:

Identification of a Novel LNP Delivery System for a COVID-19 Self-amplifying mRNA Vaccine and Enabling Rapid Development using Microfluidics


RNA vaccines are a relatively recent innovation but are at the forefront of the many vaccine technologies providing solutions for the COVID-19 pandemic. This talk shows how PNI have identified a potent LNP delivery system for self-amplifying and how this is now been applied to COVID-19 mRNA vaccines.
In addition, it describes why the NanoAssemblr® GMP System is being used by many companies to provide accelerated clinical and commercial development of COVID-19 nanomedicines, by reducing the number of engineering batches through seamless transfer of manufacturing process: by eliminating cleaning validation by using a fully disposable single use fluid path; by supporting all stages of clinical development through a modular continuous flow pumping system capable of producing volumes of 200 mL to >100 L at outputs up to 12 L/h; and, by enabling flexibility and redundancy in clinical development plans through simple tech transfer of the GMP System to any global non-GMP and GMP facility.


Dr Andrew Geall, CEO RNA Consulting, LLC and Chief Scientific Officer of Precision NanoSystems Inc. (PNI), based in Vancouver, Canada. Andrew and the company are focused on the creation and commercial development of transformative nanoparticle medicines with its partners using their proprietary LNP delivery systems and microfluidic formulation platform, current cutting edge technology. Andrew has enjoyed a most distinguished career in vaccine technologies in senior positions within therapeutic goods organisations. Further details can be found at https://www.linkedin.com/in/andy-geall-116a9624

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This webinar is aimed for all scientists, working in academic and commercial organisations, to enhance knowledge of cutting-edge technologies. It’s also a reminder as to the requirements in bringing and maintaining such technologies under GMP and commercial requirements.

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