13th international Nanomedicines conference 2023

June 19-21, 2023  

ATA Scientific was a proud exhibitor at the NanoMedicines 2023 conference held at Pier One Sydney Harbour Hotel.Dai Hayward Micropore technologies nanoparticle production Congratulations to Dr Lin Zhou, from the UNSW for winning our wine hamper prize !!

Our guest speaker Dai Hayward from Micropore Technologies presented his talk “Towards distributed manufacture of nanomedicines”. 

As nanomedicines move from the urgency of mRNA vaccines, to minimise the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, to other exciting nucleotide therapies two significant issues need to be addressed before nanomedicines become truly mainstream therapies; tissue targeting and robust scalability from discovery to manufacture.

Dai’s presentation addressed the importance of resolving the latter issue as a means of imparting high levels of control, in a formulation agnostic manner, through which researchers and manufacturers are able to allow their formulations to be optimised for therapeutic outcomes with no compromises.

Dai discussed Micropore Technologies’s established approach to development and manufacture of a variety of nanoparticles. To watch a snippet of Dai’s talk  – Click here