New Aurox unity, a laser-free confocal fluorescence microscope

25 Feb, 2019 | New products
New Aurox unity, a laser-free confocal fluorescence microscope

Aurox unity is an all-in-one, compact, laser-free confocal microscope system designed for  high resolution confocal images comparable to those of significantly larger and more expensive confocal microscopy systems. Designed for installation and use where samples are generated, unity removes the immediate need for travel to a core microscopy facility.

No lasers means low maintenance, low cost of ownership and no laser safety restrictions, making unity fast and easy to use and accessible to all. unity uses a proven multi-spectral LED light source based on the CoolLED pE-300Ultra. The result is a high performance confocal microscope, that accommodates low photo-toxicity and low photo-bleaching.

Visionary software presents all experiment set-up and device controls in one colour coded work-flow under a single graphical user interface window. It enables z-stack, time-lapse & multi-channel imaging; Confocal, wide-field & bright-field modes; High /medium sectioning & high signal confocal modes; OME-TIFF format; One-click image export and more.

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