Nanoparticle Tracking Analysis


Count, size and visualise nanoparticles from 10nm – 2000nm (sample dependent)

The Malvern NanoSight range can visualise and measure particles in a liquid suspension in terms of size, light scattering intensity, fluorescence and count. The system uses the relatively new technique called Nanoparticle Tracking Analysis (NTA).

How NTA works

Based on laser-illuminated optical microscopy, nanoparticles are seen as light-scattering centers moving under Brownian motion. A high resolution digital camera captures the diffusion event of each particle by direct observation to produce high resolution particle count and size distribution results. Fluorescence mode enables target particles to be measured in a complex background.

Applications include the study of protein aggregation, exosomes, microvesicle research, drug delivery systems, viral vaccines and fluorescent quantum dots to name a few.

Key Benefits:

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NanoSight NS300

Utilises the latest version of NanoSight’s particle characterisation technology (NTA) in an easy-to-use compact system. The NS300 offers enhanced fluorescence detection with fully software-controlled filter wheel for automated analysis of multiple fluorescent markers.

NanoSight NS500

Integrated fluidics enables automated sample loading, cleaning and analysis. Computer controlled motorised optical stage for rapid relocation and refocusing and improved reproducibility. Simultaneous measurement of multiple characteristics helps save time and sample volume.

NanoSight LM10

is a highly flexible and robust instrument that can be upgraded at any time to fit the changing needs of both routine testing and research laboratories.

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